A Day With the Baltimore Consort

Spend some time with the Baltimore Consort. 

On Sunday, January 12, the Ancient Music Society of Victoria will be hosting a workshop by this world-renowned Renaissance ensemble. 

Morning sessions:

You don't need to be a musician to join us for the morning sessions. Learn about aspects of Renaissance music performance in a joint lecture presented by members of the ensemble, and watch a live demonstration of how the group goes about putting together an arrangement of an ancient tune to turn it into one of their well-loved performance pieces. 

Afternoon sessions:

If you are a musician, you will want to sign up for the entire day and bring along your instrument or voice, so that you can attend the hands-on coaching sessions in the afternoon. There will be sessions on viol (gamba), lute, guitar and cittern, recorder and crumhorn, flute and voice.

The members of the ensemble enjoy chatting with musicians and aficionados, so here is your chance to ask that burning question you've always wondered about. 


The cost is $85 for the whole day, and $38 for the morning sessions only. Both prices include lunch and coffee at the breaks. 

See special pricing for University of Victoria students.


Musical Swap & Shop!

Do you have stacks of sheet music needing a new home? Or a crumhorn gathering dust that you'd like to trade in for a mandolin? Bring them along to the Baltimore Consort workshop on January 12. We will hold an instrument and music sale during breaks and lunch hour, to see if these unwanted items can find new owners. 

For instruments in particular, you may want to let us know in advance so that we can circulate a list of available items prior to the workshop. Please contact Joanne Whitehead at joannew@gmx.com 


Here is the schedule for the day:

*Note: For afternoon sessions, groupings will be determined once the mix of participants has been established. At least one afternoon session will focus on technique, and will be specific to your instrument. One of the afternoon sessions may involve coaching of mixed ensembles with an emphasis on repertoire.

Our sponsors:

The Medieval Studies Program of the University of Victoria

                  Early Music Society of the Islands